6.04.- 6.10.2019
Kunstverein Heilbronn

Two botanical names respectively form the starting point for her floral representations. The two names each designate an indigenous (native) plant and a neophyte, meaning a newly introduced plant. Each of the plant representations indicates a statistical value concerning migration issues, such as labor migration and flight, the proportion of immigrants compared to emigrants, the at-risk-of-poverty rate of migrant children, the proportion of women with a migration background in leadership positions, and so on.

Kunstverein Heilbronn helped elucidate this by creating a bilingual flyer with Silke Wagner, available free of charge in many places around Heilbronn, that marks the location of each of  the works.

Snoeck Verlag published a bilingual manual with further texts and accompanying materials, which is available at Kunstverein Heilbronn.

The migration of plants has always been a constant and unobtrusive phenomenon, and we all integrate flowers and plants with a »migration background« in our gardens, flower vases and on our plates. We are generally quite unaware of the natural and everyday nature of this »form of integration« we have apparently achieved.